A bit or two about me.

From Espoo, Finland. Also lived in India, Austria and NASA.
Speaker in a variety of subjects. World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Marine scout.

 Member of the board of Yleiselektroniikka Oy, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange (YLEPS), which imports electro components and tools to Fin, Russia the Baltics with an aprx turnover of 41Meur.

I founded and run, where young students (13-19) are introduced to creative technologies in aprx 7 week school courses led by a mehackit instructor. We teach programming through Visual Arts, Robotics and Music. It’s a powerful way to create something of your own, get empowered, understand & act.

Alumna of Singularity University’s GSP in 2013. The programs aim is to combat humanity’s greatest challenges with exponential technologies. The graduates are asked to positively impact a billion people in the next decade (10^9+).

During the program, we co-founded C-cool, a research project, now turned Carbo Culture llc where we turn agriculture and forestry waste into high-value Biocarbon for carbon sequestration, soil amendment and high-end carbon material use. California – EU

In 2012/13, we grew Rails Girls, a community driven initiative teaching women first steps in software crafting. RG has been held in 300+ cities on all continents from Tokyo to Kabul to Rio. The founders Karri & Linda and I received the Ruby Hero award, the highest honour in this field of technology. Still grateful. The R&R community is to thank.

Me & some crazy people launched the first Pioneers Festival future technologies conference in Vienna into success in 2012. It continues to be an epic launchpad for CEE entrepreneurs.

Been helping build the entrepreneurial ecosystem and community in Helsinki ever since it’s early days. Probably because it’s my second family.

Also embracing: sea, zen, paint, yoga, outdoors, wine.



  1. Tuomas says

    Dear Ms. Henrietta Kekäläinen,

    I really like your work and ideas (yes, I have Googled a lot). For someone like me, who has lost faith for IT because of working many years as an IT consultant, your blog is inspiring. Most of the IT professionals I know are not that optimistic about IT’s possibility to make things better. Your views are refreshingly positive for opportunities of using IT to make the world to be a better place.

    Apparently you are not that active with your blog, so I wonder: what is the best channel to follow your ideas? I just started to follow you on Twitter.



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