Singularity University Challenge now in Finland!

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Repost of my guest post at Aaltoes blog

Great news people!

For the first time ever in Finland, Singularity University is organising the Global Impact Challenge Finland together with Aaltoes, Samsung, IF, Kaute and the Centennial Foundation. 

Singularity University’s mission is to positively impact people’s lives in grand challenge areas and beyond. SU is a magical institute in the heart of Silicon Valley, at NASA Ames Research Center, and every summer it’s flagship program Graduate Studies Program (GSP) brings together 80 people from completely different backgrounds to form ventures that can drive change for good. Some of the companies that have come out are for example Made In Space 3D printing in Space (they actually succeeded, without a market or Earth’s gravity) or MirOculus saving lives by early, low cost cancer detection systems.

In this competition, we ask applicants to show us how they will or have impacted the lives of a million people positively. The idea can be to solve a problem in the area one of the global grand challenges: health, education, poverty, water, food, environment, energy, security, or it can be something you think needs to be addressed in another important area like gender equality, urbanisation, or other. It can be local or global. You need to be over 21 years old and have an open mind to discover novelties, and to challenge yourself.

The main prize of the Global Impact Challenge Finland is a seat and full scholarship to attend the 10-week Graduate Studies Program in Silicon Valley. The prize is worth US $29,500 in cold cash, but there are no limits to how much you can change your life and the lives of others with an open mindset, hard work and a will to learn and build epic stuff.

The challenge applications are open NOW and close on March 23rd, 2015.

Here’s a few words from me and Marcus (GSP14) to encourage you to APPLY!

See you at the finals 8th April 2015 at Startup Sauna!



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