Humanity, wake up

My humble thoughts.

We need to figure out how to live together in this world. To learn respect and make peace – without hatred – today.

Educate the women – all of them – finally. They will educate every child they ever bare. Prof. Hans Rosling has done amazing research on this. [Religion and babies 13min TED talk]

Quit the hatred. We are entering a new era of ultimate connectedness and machine learning, robotics and distant actions which translate globally. We need to get rid of hate today. Historically things have always gotten better (in less death rates, disasters, wars..) but now in this accelerating change the consequences can grow too big before good actions come along – unless we take a new mindset and immediate action.

We need to stop suffering, and ensure everyone’s basic human rights are fulfilled. We need to increase cross-border cross-culture action for good.

We shouldn’t attack terrorism. We should be wiser, and attack the root causes. A person who has basic needs met,

We should be wiser, and attack the root causes.

including even basic education, and choices about life available, will educate their child to lead a better life than what they had.

The world needs the brave more than ever. Let’s work together – this planet is our home and we deserve to live in peace. Do something. One can’t always be strong but you can always be brave (and help someone).

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Humanity, wake up

  1. Wise words. Great Ted Talk. We’ve got all the tools – from technology to information – to course correct.

    Right now, it feels as we’re refusing to recognize the big picture for our own convenience and comfort – whether it’s terrorism, religious tensions, hunger, climate change, equality, population growth, etc. We keep reacting to individual events around the world at face value without trying to follow the trail back to the original source of these specific symptoms and look for long-term remedies. I think you’re spot on in that many of the symptoms we’re seeing around the world can be directly traced back to a few root causes – those of basic human needs.

    We take individual events as queues for quick, rash reactions that reinforce our existing world view, not to learn more. Because learning takes time, and that we never seem to have enough of. We’ve become so reactionary that events control us, we don’t control events. We’re not in control. It’s a vicious cycle: We fear what we don’t understand. And we fear that if we expose ourselves to the thought that terrible events and trends are anything other than inexplicable human evil or unavoidable natural coincidence, that we deeply understand them, it either means we condone them (in the case of dealing with other people) or we are responsible for inaction or their cause (in the case of major global phenomenons). This couldn’t be further from the truth.

    If we can take fear out of our reactions and decisions, we can look to rectify the true root troubles of our time. We can hope to create events and milestones rather than react to them. This will take bravery to be willing to understand. This will take bravery to act on what’s right. And there you’re right, Pia. In my humble opinion.

  2. Thanks Robert. Wise words. Yes, it does seem easier to concentrate on a single event, a single fault, a single small problem, rather than on the large picture, root causes, and the complex puzzle we’re in.
    Everyone knows how to procrastinate in avoiding doing something larger, difficult or necessary.
    Thanks for your words.

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