Quotes from SU GSP13 & bon voyage for the ’14ers

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Singularity University GSP13

Ah – it’s been a year since Singularity University GSP13 opening ceremonies. Now Marcus, Suvi and 78 others are brimming with excitement for monday’s ceremonies.

Here’s some quotes I dug out of my notebook that had to come out: (some to be digested with an humorous mind)

NASA: “Teleportation? Yeah. We’re working on it.”

“A lot of space findings are made after science fiction movies. You imagine it, we’ll find it.”

MD Peter H. Diamandis: (To Ray) “Life is short until you extend it.”

Prof. Johan Rockström: “Earth has hit the ceiling of capacity to support humanity”

Marc Andreesseen: “In the old days we used to call pivoting f*ing up. But don’t do the same stupid sh*t for four years.”

Peter Thiel: “People are so focused on being better than others. Ideally never compete – do something so different no one wants to do it”

Ben Goertzel: “Being dead seems so much more boring than being alive.”

Finkel M. Malaria, Nat Geog.2007: “Half of the people who have ever lived died of malaria.”


“Greenland melting a problem because of sea level rise? Not really. It’s just our largest sunlight reflector outside the atmosphere..”

“When was the last time you were so tired you didn’t even recycle something?”

“What do you think of western civilization?” -“I think it would be a good idea!”




(Then there’s a long part of technical stuff, then humanitarian stuff in my book.. )


Paul Saffo: “Never mistake a clear view for short distance.” “Embrace uncertainty.” “Identify your biases.”

Barry Briant: “What is empathy? Find the place that hurts the most, connect to other people through that.”

Nancy Ellen Abrams: “Eat local, act global, think universal, be cosmical”


my drawing of future cars in 2013

google-buggy released 2014

google-buggy released 2014

Google Buggy released 2014

Google Buggy released 2014


Have a fantastic summer people! Remember, life is music and you are supposed to dance to it. (Alan Watts)

P.S. I hope you get told the same thing as we did at our opening ceremonies: “It takes a certain breed of courage to take those intentions and turn it into reality. The value of an idea lies not just in the idea, but in the doing it. Now go build some epic shit!”



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