First feelings from SU

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Singularity University GSP13


I’m a Finnish girl in the middle of the NASA Ames research center in Silicon Valley, the world’s epicenter of innovation. To be precise, in a place, or mental state, called Singularity University.

To make it short, I got chosen into a ten week intensive program, where our aim is to build or use exponential technologies to positively impact a billion people within the next decade. We are familiarizing ourselves in the fields of the biggest challenges – energy, poverty, water, food, security, global health, environment and education. Sounds like a lot to carry, huh. I couldn’t believe it when the acceptance email came in, but at the same time felt bewildered with the grand challenges. Truly grand.

For the first day, or week, I felt like I was the only one who doesn’t belong in the flock. My “classmates”, as in 79 people chosen to the GSP13 program, were from all fields of arts and science. A participant had worked in the field of weapons of mass destruction, to later found a charity in Senegal, another classmate just exited a well known company, another one tested to be one of the worlds 100 most happy people, fourth left Goldman and Sachs, mentors underpriveled youth.. and the rest are biohackers, inventors, artists, rebels, changers. When I asked a colleague to which area his companies are focused, he answers “most are still on Earth”.

So you can imagine, what it feels like to be in this kind of a company. “They got the wrong person! Must be a mistake somewhere. I hope they don’t find out.” Until in our intro session, they told us that the “imposter syndrome” is completely normal, and when they asked who thinks they just got lucky or ended up here because of a mistake, almost everyone raised their hand. Phew. So just need to let go. All differences, skill sets, experiences and opinions are necessary.

Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil, Founders of Singularity University, 
are really heroic guys. Diamandis wants to ensure humanity’s existence forever and therefore take the irreversible step of taking humans to inhabit the next planet. He always wanted to go to space, and therefore founded, amongst other things, the
XPrize Foundation.. Kurzweil has, amongst other merits, nineteen honorary doctorates and honors from three different US presidents.

A peek to the opening ceremony from The Computer History Museum:

Thank You for taking the time to read! I will tell you about all the adventures and experiences very soon! I hope I can convey the incredible energy and share some of the knowledge we digest here continuously.
So much to tell you!


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.29.10 PM 1


The Author

Building useful things. From Helsinki, Finland.


  1. It’s always nice to read the feelings from another SU community member, when I attend GSP12 the first week was chaotic and also I felt “Oh my god, I have nothing to do here” but believe me, if you are there, you belong there, welcome to the SU family!


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