Embrace Technology.

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I’d like to tell you a few examples of why my love to technology and science grows by the day.

They should have the right to feel familiar and confortable around technology. It already surrounds us, computers are everywhere from your car to education to water wells. In the future, technology will incorporate a lot of things and help us, wether in consuming more efficiently, saving lives or peace treaties. Everywhere. Would you not want your child to have the basic knowledge of a worldwide language? It’s called code and it is already everywhere, in every nation. In the near future, a lot more stuff will be running on computers and so it would be a lot more convenient to at least be literate in code, if not being able to write it. Kids learn in an instant, intuitively. If you let them.
If you think I’m being unreasonable, hear me out, I have a couple of amazing treats we can achieve with technology.

3D printing.
Many people perceive 3D printing as a recreational hobby, or something to simply toy around it. However, the potential is immense. Friends at Intellectual ventures 3D printed a scan of a patient’s brain for their doctor. The patient had to have something removed from the brain, which required an extremely complex surgery. The 3D model helped the doctor actually practise and see in advance how to conduct the difficult procedure.

MIT researchers found a new ability of this wonderous material just last week. It acted as a super supercapacitor, or, bluntly put, as the most effective ‘battery’ ever seen. Unlike any batteries until today (making huge loads of toxic waste), this material could suddenly charge, discharge and store  high amounts of energy incredibly fast. In addition, graphene is far easier to dispose of. Now, at first this could mean charging your phone in 30 seconds. But imagine, if it could be developed further.. to for example harness the power of a lightning. This kind of superability has been hunted like a heffalump (not soon enough). Think (no) energy war and not having to suffocate our planet. Powering your household, sustaining a level without costs for you and the environment?

People who before never dreamed of walking have robotic limbs. People, who used to be regarded as disambiguated can use a computer and a set of gear to now manage their lives- send emails, pay the two employees who help them in daily routine, be in touch with people, do stuff on their own. Move.

Scientific approaches.
The Millenium Technology Prize was remarkably shared in 2012 between Linus Torvalds (open-source software system Linux, Git) and Dr. Shinya Yamanaka for ethical stem cell research. Debated for centuries, this man sought for a solution instead of debating over different viewpoints.

Saving cities.
The amazing Rachel Armstrong has been developing a life-like, programmable matter which can alter according to its environment and task. Venice, the Italian city of gondolas and pigeons (and a Unesco world heritage site entirely), is sinking. This material is able to float the city if sinking, and if sea level declines, solidate itself around the wooden pillars supporting the structures, also stopping the wood from rotting.  Check out the  video.

How many more possibilities do your kids have if they see technology and science as a good thing? How many more years of life will you have, if they find a new kind of medicine?

War. Energy. Water. Food. All interlinked.
Every person on the planet should read Plan B: Mobilizing to save civilization by Lester R. Brown.  I’ve never read such an extensive, scientifically assembled PLAN on how to preserve this world and why we are destroying it to doom at this moment. I used to think food war is yet to come. That erosion doesn’t happen. That we don’t have money to save the word. That it’s hippie stuff. If you identify yourself, read it. If you don’t, read it. Brown so clearly explains how everything is interlinked in ways we didn’t imagine. Take, for instance, global warming. Sound boring? Not affecting your oranges in Florida? As that 0,6c is melting the Tibetian ice plateaus, vast areas of China will soon be without water for agriculture as the rivers dry. (Not to mention they are already using a non-renewing “emergency” water compounds.) Equalling to not enough food. For some hundreds of million of people. Meaning, opting it from elsewhere. Think China having about 1,1 trillion in US public debts. Get the point?

Did you know that to execute the whole “plan b”, or “restoration” of a living, sustaining planet would cost 13% of the world’s (2008) annual military budget? Military? With the ~13% we could not only eradicate hunger and drought, stop global warming (which is seriously really really bad, and not out of fashion) but also stop the ongoing conflicts in the race for food and land to harvest as food prices soar (due to lack of fuel, erosion, water resources diminishing).. ?

We need more technology. We need our children to understand and further develop technology.
It shouldn’t be a distant and scary thing, like those “IT-courses” in high schools, where you learn how to use exel (mah) or watching scary cyborgs on tv, but exciting adventures and discoveries, life changing possibilities. To me it is. I suggest to start by watching wall-e!


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