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My friends asked me from an early age on, “how did you have the guts to just go” and “weren’t you scared at all?”. And I don’t mean this in a bragging way-it’s mostly ignorance and the recklessness that helped me from not thinking at all. (I packed my bags to go work in India, a country I’d never been to at 19, and after that, moved to Vienna to study in German, a language I didn’t master, amongst other irrationalities.)

There is something I keep telling myself though, and them: anywhere you go, you can always buy a ticket back. And if you make it in place a, you can do it in place b. You need an open mind and curiosity, but at the end, the world is getting smaller day by day, and we are quite similar anywhere in this world. At the end of it, I believe you can do anything. Beginning is the hardest part, and not letting the fear control your life.

By the fear, I mean that sensation that keeps you from doing what you really want to do in different forms. Call it peer pressure, expectations, society, ego, security, jadijadi. Do you want to sit back and think “why didn’t I ever” and “I wish I could”?

Now this doesn’t mean I’d live everywhere. The more years go by, I start calculating. Brr. What’s a good place to move on workwise, where do I not have to start from zero, what fits. But whilst traveling, you learn to feel the vibe of places. It’s mostly due to people and attitudes, that’s why a familiar language or culture similarities make you feel more comfortable.

Some cities just hit you harder than others. And it’s true that a weekend break can be wonderful, and living there completely different, but imagine yourself doing your thing there, and if it feels like a right image, and you think you could smile, it does seem like a good option.

My roots are very much in Finland. And a major part of me will always belong there. But the best of friends are scattered around the world. Guess what. If they’re real friends, it doesn’t make a difference how long you’re away. When you’re together, you’ll make the effort of finding quality time. And.. do you really see the people who live in your city that often, or is it just the sensation of facebook and similar time zone? We live in a global, digital world.

P.s. this doesn’t mean you should quit everything and move physically. I’d rather see that this applies to anything- your work, school, place and habits. Happiness comes from devotion, devotion from passion. Are you passionate about what you do?

Here’s a great article for brainfood. 


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  1. Martin says

    that’s so true what you are saying – experienced that myself a couple of times…

  2. Hello, of course this piece of writing is actually good and I have learned lot of things from it about
    blogging. thanks.

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