The Universe and Relativity theories for beginners!

This is awesome, especially if baking simultaneously. Thanks Dr. Jeffrey Bennett (University of Colorado)!


Our closest galactic neighbour Andromeda. (The image, of which this video is made, taken by the Hubble telescope, uses 1.5 billion pixels to reveal about 100 million stars—a ten thousandth of the stars in the whole galaxy). Trillion stars shimmer here Ungraspable mystery Intriguing forces Read this and try get your head around it!

Humanity, wake up

My humble thoughts. We need to figure out how to live together in this world. To learn respect and make peace - without hatred - today. Educate the women - all of them - finally. They will educate every child they ever bare. Prof. Hans Rosling has done amazing research on this. [Religion and babies 13min TED … Continue reading Humanity, wake up

The unrefined art of the balance

"The perfect balance of challenge and skill." I'd rather like to call that riding one-legged on a rail you can't stop. Do you know the feeling of going so fast that you don't have time to look up at where you're heading? It takes a master to lift their head up for that crucial second, … Continue reading The unrefined art of the balance


All that is gold does not glitter
All that is gold does not glitter;
all that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither;
not all that is over is past.

The second quatrain was added during the following revision:

Not all that have fallen are vanquished;
a king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished;
and towers that were strong may fall down.
Christopher Tolkien